Easy Cash joins Cdiscount for the resale of video games and consoles

A new alliance has just been announced on Wednesday 20 May in the e-commerce sector: the Easy Cash brand joins the Cdiscount market place in order to offer refurbished products but also to allow Internet users to appraise and resell their items directly to Easy Cash.

For the time being limited to video games, consoles and gaming accessories only, this new service is available in the refurbished section of the web merchant’s website, a choice that was notably guided by the attraction of the French to video games during the confinement period.

According to a survey carried out by Opinion Way for Easy Cash, “20% of them preferred to buy home and portable consoles and games among those who bought goods they would not normally have bought”, a proportion that puts this hobby at the top of the survey carried out at the end of April. At the same time, the document points out that 27% of French people say they have preferred “new consumption” (occasional, sharing) to acquire certain goods during confinement.

Easy Cash is therefore relying on its know-how in this field.via the dedicated platform on Cdiscount, Internet users will be able to resell their goods directly on the site. “A customer will thus be able to have his product appraised online and to have it bought back by Easy Cash after having sent it to the company via a prepaid label or after having brought it to one of its stores”, explain the two companies in a joint press release. In addition, for buyers, it will be possible to find several references to the sale on the site.the idea being to encourage the second life of products.

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