On Android [and soon iOS], Microsoft is launching the game remotely with the Xbox 🆕


Update 09/25 - Remote Xbox gaming on iOS is off to a good start.Microsoft has uploaded a beta of its Xbox app to TestFlight, which activates the feature on Apple's platform.public?

Original article 09/21 - Big news for Microsoft, less than two months before the launch of the new Xbox.After the announcement of the acquisition of Bethesda, sorry, the group is offering a new beta version of its Xbox app for Android The big news is the possibility of playing on your local network to the Xbox from your smartphone or tablet.

This remote play feature was previously only available to members of the Xbox Insider program, and is now available to all Xbox gamers.Games downloaded to the Xbox One in the living room (which includes the title catalog) available in the Game Pass subscription downloaded on the console) can be played from anywhere as long as the smartphone is connected to the console, in addition to new features for sharing his exploits, to discuss the fat with friends, and to receive notifications.

On iOS, well… You will have to take your trouble patiently, since the variation of the Xbox app for our platform is always limited to the social aspect of the console.A priori, nothing prevents Microsoft from offering the game to distance on iPhone and iPad (even if we remember the disappointments of Steam Link), unlike streaming games.

Apple has opened the door to xCloud, but Microsoft quickly closed it by speaking of a "bad experience for players" (read: Apple allows video game services in streaming, on its terms).for CNBC, Phil Spencer the big boss of the Xbox has, however, confirmed his intention to launch the Game Pass “on all phones, including the iPhone.” With Apple, this will not happen immediately: “For customers that I see all the time on Twitter, I tell them that we are going to get there ”.

Posted Date: 2021-04-06

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